Locking Devices


Always replace locking devices with ones of the same design.

Do not use impact tools on fasteners that are threaded into aluminum components.

Locking Tabs and Washers

Always inspect locking tabs and washers. Do not reuse, if damaged.

Pipe and Hose Unions

To prevent rotational damage to components, use two wrenches when loosening and tightening unions.

Nyloc Nuts

Discard and replace nyloc nuts after removal.


Discard and replace patchbolts after removal.

Locking Compounds

Approved locking agents must be applied to some threads on reassembly where indicated in the procedure.

Note: If original bolts are to be reused, clean old compound off both male and female threads with a solvent cleaner and a wire brush before re-applying locking compound.
Note: Even if new bolts are being fitted, make sure all internal and external thread surfaces are clean and dry before applying locking compound.

Applying LOCTITE®

Warning: Please consult the Manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before handling any chemical product.

Leaving the first thread clean, a bead of LOCTITE® should be applied to the complete diameter of the bolts leading threads for the first 10 mm.

LOCTITE is a registered trademark of Henkel Corporation.

Note: Please consult the Manufacturer’s Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for general application and storage information.